Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Hire

Conditions of Hire

1. While on site a person in charge must be identified to the Manager. This person will be responsible for the behaviour of the group.

2. Accommodation blocks must be vacated by 1pm on the day of departure to allow for cleaning. Arrival time no earlier than 4pm unless prior permission from manager.

3. A Safety Officer and Building warden/s are to be appointed from your group. These people will be responsible for the facilitating of the emergency procedures in case of an emergency as outlined in our Emergency Evacuation Scheme.

4. In accordance with our fire safety regulations and insurance policies the Managers must be provided with a complete list of everyone on site including day visitors. This list must be given to the Manager as soon as possible after arrival and updated daily if group members are leaving or new group members arriving.
a) The Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring the group has an appropriate First Aid kit and someone who knows how to use it.
b) The Safety Officer/Wardens are responsible for the safety of the group. The Epworth Managers will identify and demonstrate all fire safety equipment to these people. Epworth Managers will also give a brief safety talk to the group when they arrive.

5. No amplified sound/music between 11pm and 7am.

6. Alcohol consumption is permitted only with the prior permission from the Managers. The Managers have the right to withdraw this privilege.

7. Food orders that are placed prior to your groups arrival are to be delivered the day of your groups arrival not before, unless prior agreement with management. If you have food orders arriving early you must notify management so that the complex can be opened for freezer access.

8. Please respect others using the river frontage, public access for boat ramp only so the area around the ramp is to be clear at all times. There is provision for boats to be tied up along the retaining wall. DO NOT place boats on the pontoons.

9. No smoking in or around the buildings, a specific area has been designated for this purpose.

10. Dogs, firearms and drugs are not permitted.

11. Epworth’s lakefront is not safe for swimming.

12. The section of the river at Epworth and upstream to Arapuni Dam and including the Pokiwhenua Stream is part of the restricted 5 knot area. If your group requires open water for skiing or similar activities, access for this is a few minutes ride downstream past the 5 knot sign. Please make sure your vessel has the correct night navigational equipment as these parts of the water are very busy at night due to the nearby glow worm tours. All groups leave their boats/cars at their own risk at the river frontage. We have staff living on site but cannot be there 24/7.

13. Finlay Park and adjoining farmland is private property and is out of bounds unless the owners have granted special permission.

14. Any damage to property or malfunction of equipment is to be reported to the Managers. Costs involved in repair may be charged.

15. The final account is payable prior to departure unless other arrangements have been made with
management by cash, cheque or direct credit. Late payment will incur a 10% penalty. We charge from the minimum numbers indicated, all nights booked must be paid for.

16. Non-compliance. Epworth has taken all reasonably practical steps to manage the risks of the facilities and activities. On arrival and before each activity your host will communicate Epworth policies / procedures / rules and regulations to your group.

17. Cancellation Policy: The deposit is non-refundable unless written notice is given at least 90 days prior to propose booking. A cancellation made inside of 90 days will result in lose of deposit and a fee totaling 25% of the expected bill.

18. By signing this Conditions of Hire form you agree to allow photos of your group to be used for marketing purposes. This may include our website, newsletter and/or Facebook page. Please advise the camp manager on arrival if you have a person that would not find this acceptable.

19. Catered groups: Final numbers for catering purposes and special dietary requirements must be notified not less than 7 days before the commencement of occupancy to allow for ordering.

20. All groups wishing to book dates will be required to fill out this condition of hire form and have deposit paid to confirm dates.

21. If you wish to use the internet, please bring your own provisions. You must have a least one person who has access to the 027 network for phoning in emergencies as other 021 or 022 have very little coverage here. There is also a phone available in the office for emergencies.

22. Failure on the part of any paying camper or their supervisor / guardian to:
• comply with all rules, regulations or procedures as laid down by the Management of Epworth
• use any camp facilities or activities without authorisation or in a careless or dangerous manner may invoke the following actions:
(a) Forfeiture of right of use of activity or facility
(b) Forfeiture of right to re-book
(c) Instant removal from site
In using the outdoor facilities at Epworth our group is aware of the inherent dangers in all areas and we accept full responsibility for any accident or injury that could occur. We undertake to supervise children at all times. Epworth for its part undertakes to keep all equipment in good working order and supply RAMS/procedure sheets appropriate for any of its recreational activities. The Manager must be notified of any accident or injury that requires medical attention, as an accident report must be filled out.


Conditions of Hire Form: Download the form, sign and returned once conformation has been made. Cick Here

Our Mission

We at Epworth cultivate a mission towards creating a safe, affordable and convenient adventure ecosystem with accommodation, creating a feeling of relaxed companionship, community and welfare, along with fullfing the wandering souls.