Epworth Venues

Epworth Venues

At Epworth, various venues are available for day hire or used as part of your group stay.  These areas are great for groups to spread out and run break-out stations or activities. This becomes a great environment for the different types of groups to have their meetings or presentations; while you are here, plan an activity to break up your day.

George Laurenson Building

This is our main upper level dining area, lounge and kitchen.  Groups can use the lounge to run sessions from our overhead projector and viewing screen through their laptop or DVD.  Wifi is available if you need internet access via a Zenbu router.

Run an activity for your group in this area or just use to unwind after a long day, perhaps catch up on the news through our TV and Freeview box.

A Portable amp is also available for hire with microphone for conferences or guest speakers.

George Laurenson Building
George Laurenson Building
George Laurenson Building

Marae Dining room

This is a smaller area down in the lower level of the complex that is used for small group sessions with whiteboard and TV provided.

Recreation Room

A great hideaway place for the children to spend to unwind after a long days training or activities situated upstairs and attached to the Hall.  Groups can also run smaller quiet sessions from this space with seating only provided.

Samuel Leigh Hall Venue

The Samuel Leigh Hall is a great resource for groups that can be used for many purposes whether it be for indoor training for sports groups, a dry area on wet days for team building activities, hosting conferences, weddings or church services.  Can seat up to 150 people with a carpeted floor and night lighting. Bring your own projector or hire the camps to play on our fixed screen, great for entertaining the children with a movie night or assisting with presentations .

Accommodation available right next to the hall.


Bring your groups and enjoy this space.

To make a booking, please send us an email at or phone 027 827 2003